Sex Stories Vol. 1

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In The Rain

Starring: Sir Phillip, German Daddy
It been raining and German Daddy is turned on. Watch as he and Sir Phillip get together first outside, but then the rain can't cool their passion. So, they move...


Starring: Leonardo, Claudio, Americo
Have you ever been in a barber’s chair and been tempted to nudge the crotch of the barber with your elbow? (I have.)

Mr Thompson

Starring: Jesse, Luke
A young hungry ass cute as hell hustler does not have to do much to convince his mentor to trade sex for good grades.

Swimsuit Tryout

Starring: Ray, Claudio
Ray and Claudio have gotten together to try out some new swimsuit designs. But the tight fitting swimsuits combined with the sweet young body makes some red hot action scene.

It Keeps Getting Better

Starring: Kent, Panther
Many things get better with age--wine, antique cars and sex. Older men enjoying the company of younger ones is the recipe for improved sex life Yup! Life is better than ever

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