Sexy Grampas Vol. 4

$ 29.95

Aslan & Igor

Starring: Aslan , Igor
Aslan and Igor live at the same apartment. Aslan is well known for his Saturday night parties with men of all ages. His unit is always busy and full of excitement. Igor is married but he likes to play with guys. Today they are both at the building pool. Aslan offers to help him put sun block on Igor’s back. With his strong hands he hints


Absolute consequences

Starring: Laurent , Rocky Bear
Laurent, a Daddy we already know as an underwear fashion designer, is celebrating a very successful last quarter with his new investor. They get a bottle of their favorite vodka and they start drinking one shot after another.


Big Dick Territory

Starring: Toto, Valter
Toto is hot new daddy it turns out that although he is sexually active, he never been with a guy who had a really big cock. He always was in the lookout for the perfect piece. A very close friend told him about Valter , an older gentleman who is well known for being well endowed.


A Fucking Cure For Boredom

Starring: Abdul, Donato
This very successful Daddy Bear, makes a lot of money brokering deals and he is also very aggressive in finding the hottest escorts in town since and he likes them big and nasty.


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