Between Two Great Candidates

$ 29.95

Useless Helper

Starring: Chaco, Gazo, Verdi/div>
Verdi frets that his biz partner, Chaco, hires unqualified men. But he hasn't time to find out if that includes the latest. With his own work to do like buying parts. This gives Chaco a chance to prove the new guy, Gazo, is good for something like fucking! Verdi returns to discover Chaco may be right. But to be sure, he joins his bud in trying out the recruit's skills. Using Gazo back and forth works out so well, this pair of really big bosses are certain this little helper will always be useful!

Miami Vice

Starring: Angelo Monte, Jack Miami
They call him Jack Miami, a stunning looking man from South Beach who has done it all and who only engages when the offer is right and if the one who wants him is an older gent he wants the total package he demands handsome, masculine with an uncut cock, and, of course somebody who possesses the ultimate daddy factor. They planned the encounter at a dungeon in downtown. The chemistry between Angelo and Mr. Miami explodes as they climb on top of each other to fuck. Unhinged passion and superb sex on this must watch scene.

Between Two Great Candidates

Starring: Adonis, Graham, Victorino
Sometimes getting a great job is between you and another qualified guy. So, whatcha gonna do? Well, if you're Graham, and looking for the best man to model, an impromptu competition is in order. Also, since the way a guy's body moves and looks is key, what better way than to make it about who "comes out on top"? Which hot Victorino takes as having sexy Adonis quickly suck his boner and topping his bare ass. Meanwhile, daddy not only gets to watch two studs fuck for his sake, he gets his big cock worked, too. So, all three men win!

I Need a Room

Starring: Cesar Roma, John Blaker
Few deals work out as well as this one. Imagine youre a hot young man in town thinking you have a place to stay but you dont. Then imagine youre a hot older man with a spare room. Now imagine that same young man, John, working his dick in that newfound room, is a bareback bottom always hungry for big raw cock, and that the straight daddy, Cesar, has a huge cock always needing holes to fuck. So, it seems, both needs are, uhmm, FILLED, and that these are dual accommodations make that a-CUM-modations that could go on indefinitely. See how well that works?!

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