Daddies Weekend Retreat

$ 29.95

Daddy Weekend Retreat Part 1

Starring: Alex, Yamil
Yamil and Alex are joining a couple friends at a relaxing spa. These hot hunks are going to use all the services available before their friends arrive!


Daddy Weekend Retreat Part 2

Starring: Alex, Borja, Mirkko, Yamil
The boys are back for some more fun in the sun and plenty of water to keep these HOT daddies cool. If you liked part 1, You'll love the continuation with Alex, Borja, Yamil and Mirkko.


Daddies Behaving Badly Part 1

Starring: Borja, Yamil
Be careful when you end up in jail these days. If you have a hot ass like Coach Daddy you will be pimped out to the senior inmates--unless you decide to do it with the guard entourage.


Daddies Behaving Badly Part 2

Starring: Alex, Borja, Luiggi, Mirkko, Yamil
Two of our most gorgeous models team up to gang bang a bar visitor who is hungry for bear meat. Four daddies and one twink in the wildest scene we've ever filmed!


Nature Love

Starring: Borja, Mystery Man
This scene stars super masculine hunks, Mystery man and Borja. There's nothing better than an empty beach, and two of our hottest daddies, ready and willing to satisfy their lust.


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