Turkish Daddies Vol. 1

$ 29.95

Fucked By an Older Turk

Starring: Felix, Turhan
One of our favorite Daddies Felix is back! We just love seeing him in action , he gets really into each scene. This man loves cock, loves sex like nobody we have seen.


Fucking with the boss

Starring: Aslan, Pablo
Aslan is a very naughty boss, and will teach this employee a really big and hard lesson.


A Good Advice

Starring: Berker, Taylor
It is not uncommon that younger guys have older daddy friends who are wise and listen to their love problems. Daddy Berker likes to fuck. His friends know that, so if you want his advice, you have to be prepared.


Now Try Tarhan's Big Cock

Starring: Joaquin, Turhan
Joaquin is insiting in having a formal relantionship. Borja has other ideas, he suggests that before beginning a steady relationship with him, he should have other experiences with men and introduces him to his friend the famous Big-Cock Tarhan


Fuck Sublime

Starring: Berker, Bo
Bo is a small boy with a very nice body but when we had both on the bed together it looks like Breker's cock was too big for him. He proved us wrong. He took it like a man.


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