Locked Out For Good

$ 29.95

Locked Out 2

Starring: Hassan, Joaquin, Luiggi
Hassan was once in distress when he found his car behind locked gates. Then Luiggi came to his rescue. Now we find out that "cumming" was the rescuer's entire plan. Of purposefully putting a guy in need of comfort with his big cock and cum load.


Locked Out

Starring: Hassan, Luiggi
Daddy Hassan was visiting the big city and forgot that parking garages close early on weekends. His car was locked out, but today was his lucky day, Luiggi came to the rescue. Daddy never disappoints Watch as he pops Hassans cherry . He pounds his ass as he only knows how


I Saw You On A Porn Video

Starring: Adonis, Chaco, Don Diego
Many men fantasize about doing porn, but never have the chance or the nerve to do it. That's not the case with Adonis. Upon spotting two of his fave porn actors, Chaco and Don Diego, dining out, he was definitely not gonna lose this dream opportunity. Still, it takes a lot of guts to go from fan to gut-fucked bottom for a pair of pro, big-dicked tops.


Another Public Bathroom Episode

Starring: Gerardo Mass, Toto
Imagine your day starting this way: finding a hot dude in a public bathroom, who has you go down on him at the urinal, and then you go to your office to have him fuck the hell outta your ass! Talk about getting your doughnut hole filled early!


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