The Right Tool

$ 29.95

The New Hire Loves Dick

Starring: Chaco, Luiggi, Toto
Many bosses will tell you that loyalty from a worker is key to a company's success. But how do you measure that in a new broker, thought big bosses, Luiggi and Chaco? Of course, put the man, Toto, in a compromising position on his first day at work and see if he will squeal or not. Evidently some squealing is a good thing.

I Have The Right Tool

Starring: Clayton, Trevor O'Neal
The perfect handyman would have all the skills and equipment needed to efficiently and perfectly complete his job. Sexwise, a man would have the exact same talents and tools! Now, imagine that guy being one and the same and you have real-life handyman and versatile top Clayton. Who was smartly hired by handsome and vers Trevor.

Side Effects

Starring: Bubba, Luca Gotti
This past year kept a lot of horny men from sex. So when the time came to fuck for longtime buddies, Luca and Bubba, it didnt take long before they started on one another. But first they wondered if either had any vaccine side effects. After a while, perhaps daddy's big, boner hammering his "boy" was because of his shots? Or could the impressive shooting of daddy's wad, while sucking his bottom boy's dick, be owed to the drug companies?

Into Hot Daddies

Starring: Felix Harris, Marvin
Jocks and Coaches can be a sneaky lot, who often say they want one thing, when obviously they want another. Like Felix, a jock who coyly consults training Coach Marvin, a hot, muscled man who's always more interested in working a boy's ass than showing him a workout routine, too.

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