Two Daddies and a Hunky Boy

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Cocky Community Manager

Starring: Chaco, Davox, Lorenzo
Davox is typical of his generation. He brags of social media popularity, and claims he can bring some of that attraction to his audience of two handsome daddies, Chaco and Lorenzo. Well, they aren't as attracted to his presentation as they are to his ass. Plus, the dude's price is way too high. But if he is willing to go lower, like on his knees to suck them both off, maybe they can work something out.

Two Daddies and a Hunky Boy

Starring: Alejandro Skyman, Angelo Monte, Rey Gunn
Imagine two handsome daddies having sex with one sexy boy, and you're prolly thinking: hot, but seen it, right? Well, men, hold your horses make that your cocks because here's an unusual threeway treat. Wherein the hunky upstart, Rey, masterfully plows the backsides of both gorgeous older men, Angelo and Alejandro.

The Daddy Team

Starring: Cesar Roma, Davox, Luiggi
They say life's a banquet. But the kind of meal these hot daddies team had in mind might surprise you. First, it involved them procuring a dude, Davox, from an app, whom they felt would offer a smorgasbord of good service. Which Luiggi and Cesar got to, right away, by feeding him both their big sausages. Back and forth. And in both this dude's two hungry holes. But then the bottom had a hankering of his own, that neither top expected, when he started making an entire feast out of both their asses. Quite a deep dish of daddy delight, indeed! Still, the supper ended with the bottom being the cream-filled and covered dessert. BONE appetit, Men!

Please Don't Tell your Dad

Starring: Constanzo Fierron, Tommy Ameal
Not all young men have the greatest relations with their dads. But a few have better "relations" than others. Take Tommy, who recently had a falling out with his father. Fortunately, he found some great paternal support, right there with his dad's buddy, Constanzo. Who was ready to lend an ear and more.

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