Daddies Gone Wild Vol. 12

$ 29.95

Mother-Fucker Black Cock

Starring: Phil, Devon & Anthony
Meet Phil and Anthony, two handymen, who are good at working on ANYTHING, including on Devon. They guarantee to keep his motor running and the cum cuming--overtime!


Naughty School Principal

Starring: Rod Thrust, Drew & Neville
New Daddy sensation Rod Thrust is at it again, this time enticing an eager student to put out to get better grades. The assistant principal joins in also for a spicy three-way.


Getting It Done

Starring: Doc, Rocco & Zak
Hard hats and hard cocks go hand in hand in this movie. After getting all bent out of shape because of a job related issue, these guys got so excited and horny that Hot Sex seemed to be the best way to handle this “work related” confrontation.


Trainning the Trainer

Starring: Giles & Rocco
It is difficult to find models who "click" on the set like these two did. The way they made love was hot and exciting. The plot was just an excuse. Definitely one of the best scenes with two guys in excellent shape in their 60's that we ever filmed.



Starring: Scott Gable & Coach Daddy
Be careful when you end up in jail these days. If you have a hot ass like Coach Daddy you will be pimped out to the senior inmates--unless you decide to do it with the guard entourage.


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