I Love My Chico

$ 29.95

Dame Duro, Papi

Starring: Saul Leinard, Tancredo Buff
Saul is a Puerto Rican and he honors his heritage. They say they all have big juicy dicks and they are right! We never seen a dick like that.


Stock Trader Needs A Black Dick Tonight

Starring: J.D. Daniels, Scott Reynolds
Stock brokers in New York belong to a category of men like no other. Trading millions of dollars a day, hedging foreign countries and shorting stocks drive these men crazy.


Fresh Meat 4 Me

Starring: Greko, Gabo
Gabo is into romance. He wanted to get to know Daddy before they have sex But our horny Daddy had other plans. This older guys can't believe how lucky they are.


I Love my Chico

Starring: Videlo, Victorino
Pino is one of Videlo's boyfriends. Daddy is so successful among younger admirers that Pino suggested to him " why don't you start escorting?" Here is a sample of how Videlo likes to fuck youngsters.


You Will Feel me Deep

Starring: Michelo, Turhan
Today, this project comes to an end, these two contractors won’t probably see each other again. Michelo has seen his package and today is his last chance to find out if his coworker can take things to the next level.


Cecil found a new daddy to service

Starring: Girard, Cecill
Cecill is known to offer a soft and discreet service to her horny customers, but today she is so excited with this new daddy she found.


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