DaddyLuiggi Stick Vol. 1

$ 29.95

It HURTS, but so good!

Starring: Luiggi, Marvin
Luiggi's bottoms always love when he fucks them with his huge, bare cock. But now the total top daddy wonders: what is it like bottoming? Later in bed, Luiggi dreams manifest his thoughts—and for the first time he is fucked! And the man who takes his virgin ass is handsome Marvin. Who muscles the plow maestro, first hurtfully then pleasurably, into his absolute fuck hole! Then, upon waking Marvin really calls and Luiggi wonders again. Can he turn his thoughts of being plowed by his buddy into reality—or is the dream enough?.


Round 2

Starring: Luiggi, Felix
Top daddy Luiggi and bottom daddy Felix prove that some men don't just get older, they get better. And their kind of hot, raw maturer male sex is a sight to behold. Plus, it's been years ( between when Luiggi first fucked Felix, and if absence makes the heart grow fonder, it also makes cocks harder and the fucking greater. So, guys, the wait was well worth watching. But try not to make us wait too long to see you fuck again!


I can't Keep Up with my Fans

Starring: Luiggi, Nick Moore
Now that Luiggi has his own site, his fans are calling, texting and begging Daddy for an opportunity to try his big dick and eat his ass.. Daddy takes us on a journey on a real interview with one of the applicants. Hot sex and lots of fun. Come on, join Daddy on his new journey.


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