The Fluffer

$ 29.95

The Fluffer

Starring: Don Diego, Flavio
Don Diego comes to our studios for a photo shoot, from the get go he is very confident but he gets a little nervous with the flashes, sort of intimidate him. We are always ready so we had a hot younger guy as our official fluffer. The photographer leaves them alone for a while to preview the pictures and what continues is Don Diego putting an intense and powerful sexual performance that you are going to love. This Daddy knows how to fuck


Muscle Guy Works on Daddy

Starring: Drew Sumrok, Scott Gregory
Drew Sumrok is a well known porn actor, we contacted him in NY and we were happy to learn that he prefers to do scenes with older men. The only requirement was they have to be tops and have a big dick" I love to get plowed by older men" he said to us. Scott really excel on this scene. The encounter was intense and sweaty. Daddy was up to the task.


Flavio Poses Once Again

Starring: Flavio, Igor
Flavio comes down from showering alter his hot session with Ivan and discovers Ivan’s roommate, Igor, waiting for him. He remembers that Igor had discovered Ivan and him in the middle of their play and promised to return for his share of the spoils. Although he has just finished one steamy bout the young man’s hormones respond to Igor and they immediately become completely involved in turning each other on.


Massage Session

Starring: Neil
Ed is a new employee at Neil's' Investment Firm... Neil finds out that Ed is a masseur and accepts Ed's offer of kicking back ...


Thanking Daddy For His Help

Starring: Aslan, Lucas
Lucas comes to visit Aslan to tell him how much he appreciates the older man’s help in getting him a scholarship for his studies. For some time Lucas has found Aslan attractive and has wanted to show his affection to this man who is almost like his second father. He asks if there is anything he can do to repay the favor but Aslan just replies that it is always a pleasure to help and that Lucas is welcome to visit any time he wishes.


Daddy Fucks His New Puppy

Starring: Ezequiel, Joaquin
Since Ezequiel saw Joaquin on our set one day, he went nuts. He was always teasing him. "When are you going to give it up for me?" Joaquin also wanted him, but he was made to wait and wait, until finally one day they connected. Watch Ezequiel unleash all his bear manhood power in a non-scripted, you guys go at it, video. It turned out super-hot. What do you think?


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