Blacks on Daddies Vol. 1

$ 29.95

For Rent

Starring: Jason, Charles Rod
Charles was told the house was empty and could take a look at it. When he got there, he finds the savvy real estate agent taking a piss. What a moment! It didn't take long for him to start sucking the broker's big, fat cock. The fucking afterward filled the empty house with the aroma of hot, intense sex!


Virtual Reality

Starring: General de Sade, John Spain and Machine Gun Tony
John Spain returns hornier than ever, he joins the general is a steamy 3-way action. Watch how a private Solo Session turns into an out of control cascade of hot action. This clip will keep you rock hard and sexually charged.


Cowboy Love

Starring: Phil & Rambonni
These guys are more urban cowboys than ranch hands. In the past they were in the Rodeo together and became friends and fuck buddies. See for yourself why they get together for more than old time sake. Their sex is always fresh and new.


Starring: Daddy Lamar, Rambonni
Once in a while a man comes along who has everything! Take Rambonni, for instance. He is in athletic shape, good looking and has a huge dick with a lasting hard on. Best of all he is a genuine great guy and a memorable lay.

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