Bound Daddy Vol. 1

$ 29.95

Daddy's Adjustment

Starring: Borja, Dean, Jeff, Rock
Dean is the nicest guy ever... but don't you mess with his lovers! He can become a maniac! Borja just crossed the line and fucked Rock, one of Dean's guys!


Two Horny Studs

Starring: Orco, Santiago
We know you guys like them a litle bit older than these guys. Orco is such a horny and sexy guy he told us he wanted to fuck one of our assitants and do a film . We said , why not?



Starring: Coach Daddy, Scott Gable
Be careful when you end up in jail these days. If you have a hot ass like Coach Daddy you will be pimped out to the senior inmates--unless you decide to do it with the guard entourage.


Rough Trade

Starring: Beto, Luiggi, Mystery Man
Two of our most gorgeous models team up to gang bang a bar visitor who is hungry for bear meat. The slave gets "special treatment" getting fucked and cock fed until the daddies are completely satisfied.


Slave Servicing Four

Starring: Amarko, Canu, Ezequiel, Franck
Ever had a sexual fantasy that you just couldn't let go of? Today our handsome daddy Franck is about to be treated to his heart's (and his cock's) desire.


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