Bound Daddy Vol. 2

$ 29.95

Taking Ezequiel's Load

Starring: Ezequiel, Mister X, Titus
You've never seen Ezequiel like this on any scene before . Leaner and meaner, Ezequiel plays a government official, married, discrete but he has another side, where pervasive fantasies haunt him , to the point of walking on a sex S and M club where only hard sex is spoken.


Mister X Swallows

Starring: Mister X, Tito, Turhan
Tarhan sees a flyer advertising a sex club on the streets and he decides to check it out despite the fact that the ad reads: “ Men with big cocks will get abused". Intrigued he shows up and sees two furry guys going at it. He is invited to join . The scene ends with Orco swallowing both guys


Trashy Alley

Starring: Jake Shores, Jason Chase
Jake found an alley where a warehouse is sitting empty waiting to be demolished, he likes to meet his boys to play there . The process is simple, he meets them online tells them the location where to meet up, no need to say hello, no nothing just sex. They already did all the talking online; they discuss how Daddy was going to take care of his needs. Today Jason is the lucky guy, a straight boy with money problems that will fuck Daddy for a few bucks. Boys come to the ally they get off and they leave, daddy likes it that way.


Double Penetration

Starring: Abdul, Mister X, Turhan
We are watching what goes on in a corporate meeting. The business men are exchanging ideas to improve the company operation. Each participant has very good insight on the best course of action to follow until they arrive at a sticky point and seem to be at a dead end.


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