Daddies & Bears Vol. 1

$ 29.95

Bear Rampage

Starring: Coach Nick & Puppy
Coach Nick must be one the hottest daddies you could ever meet. Can anybody take his huge monster cock? Well you need to watch this clip to find out. The action goes from intense deep throat to hot ass pounding. Son gets the load he was looking for.


Special Delivery

Starring: General de Sade, Sarge
After receiving a special package, a experienced leather master take the mailman inside his house to show him his toys. This two military type daddies are going to have a good time and they want you to see the action.


Wild Wild West

Starring: Tom, Neil & Stephen
Life in the ranch is hard for Neil; not many opportunities to find guys and have fun until he meets old friend: Tom and cowboy Stephen. Cowboys know how to do it right and this rugged trio rides wild to show you how to take it like a man.


Into Bar Scene

Starring: Michael Burkk
Michael knows what goes on in the city. If you want to know what's the hottest bar in town, he can tell you. He can recommend your business to thousands of people. He can also tell you which bartender has the hottest ass!


The Mask

Starring: Coach Daddy and Kyle
Coach Daddy starts on a fantasy scene where he tries to find answers to his attraction to leather. Kyle plays doctor Rivers who comes to consult on this paranormal experience. Coach Daddy is Superb!


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