Daddies Gone Wild Vol. 1

$ 29.95

Miracle Pill

Starring: Rambonni, Roger Dalton
Roger is a top salesman and his secret is to pick up their sales associates very carefully, in this case, a young strong men gives him the ride of a life time. It just took a Miracle Pill.


Non Stop Party

Starring: Chris Diesel, Rocky, Sir Phillips
This is a hot video. Starts with a 4-way, Sir Phillip is hopping from room to room at a gay resort in search of the best action. This groups of hot men share the same addiction: Big Cocks!


Caught Glancing

Starring: Randy Kidd, Stephen, Vince Scott
Have you pick up a guy in a non-gay restaurant? . Vince and Kidd decided to go with Stephen into the boy's room just to check if he is what they wanted. Super hot 3-man play..



Starring: Doxie, Rambonni
Everyone's heard of the myth that gum rubbing is the best head any man can have. Well, an insurance broker find out how intense the experience could be, when he met Horny Doxie. Watch hung Rambonni get hot and horny after a toothless treat.



Starring: : Lucky Dick, Sergio Alvaro), Steve Ricco
Sergio and his lover like to party but in different ways. Sergio is elegant and like tuxedos but his partner prefers leather. But they both really know how to enjoy a threesome.


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