Daddies Gone Wild Vol. 5

$ 29.95

The Commission

Starring: Sir Phillips, Chris & Mike
Sir Phillip was the talk of Daddy town this year. He starts in the role of a horny real estate broker who tries to get his money out before a market turndown. Chris, a business partner and Mike, a hot bodybuilder, join him for a super hot sex scene.


Hungry Ass

Starring: Daddy Nelson & Clint
Daddy Nelson delivers! don't you love seeing a guy in his 60's that he still love to fuck. That is exactly what Clint gets when he is surprised having a relaxing solo session. The intensity is there for us to enjoy!


The Rebel

Starring: Sergio Alvaro & The Rebel
The return of one of the most beloved daddies, Sergio. This time as a Sheriff responding to an excessive noise complaint. After checking the premises, Sergio shows "the rebel," how to channel his desires toward a hot steamy butt fuck.



Bob and Coach Daddy are ready to cum at front of the camera in a hot solo session. They will take you to the next level.

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