Dirty Daddy's Adventures 1

$ 29.95

Bad Boy Daddy

Starring: Mike, Diamond
Mike is huge, we all know that. Mike likes the good life ,
drives a brand new Mercedes Benz and he knows he can have any young gold digger he wants. He knows the score and takes advantage of it every time.


What is a Girl To Do

Starring: Diamond, Carl 
Carl is all about hiring young talented women to help him out with his several businesses, Diamond tries to resist and...

Older is Better

Starring: Rod Fontana, Trisha
I love older guys, they really turn me on, they treat me really nice, and when it comes to sex, the difference with young guys is amazing!! So I try to have at least two or three older guys I play with all the time, it is so much fun!


Older All The Way

Starring: Dick Nasty, Desire Moore
Dick Nasty is master when it comes to showing a young lady a real good time in Bed. He has something that makes these young sluts go crazy! Is it his personality or his insatiable sex drive?


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