Dirty Daddy's Adventures 3

$ 29.95

Rich Man

Starring: Mike, Priscilla 
Mike is a rich man and can be a PITA when he is horny. He just demands that one of his helpers gets him a hot woman for a night of fun and they better be good or he'll just go totally crazy!!


Enough Cock

Starring: Dirty Harry, Dick Nasty, Patricia 
How much cock can a performer handle in one intense sex session? We put Patricia to the test and let me tell you she handled it pretty darn well. Dirty Harry's big banana is an amazing fucking machine...what a cock!.


Choosing Right

Starring: Giles, Victoria 
Giles is so sexual, that there is no man or woman who can resist him. Well it looks like the word is out and tons of cute girls like Victoria are coming to know what this daddy is capable of!.


Bossy Boss

Starring: Michelle Sweet, Carlo Stefano
One hot blonde has just had a surprise visit from her boss. This blonde is GREAT at dick-tation and the boss needs all her skills.


Sex Tourism

Starring: Luigi, Laura
How do you make ends meet until mom and dad send you a wire transfer? A rich gentleman to the rescue. She likes them, so they'll have some steamy fun and solve her problem.


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