Executive Strokes Vol. 3

$ 29.95

Game On

Starring: Stefan, Tony
The basketball game is on, but Stefan's TV isn't working. When the repairman shows up, Stefan is more interested in his big 'tool'!


Oil Executive

Starring: Jordan Garrison, Jonathan
Jonathan and Jordan are stranded due to a flight delay. Now they are going to make the most of their 'layover' and enjoy some daddy cock!


Position Is No Longer Open

Starring: Jonathan, Charles
Did you ever apply for a job and find the position you want has already been filled? And likewise, did you ever stumble onto a job you really enjoyed and found ...

The Researcher

Starring: Brent, Rob
A researcher is doing a study of male sexual responses to touch. By the end of his work this guy will really know what turns a man on!

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