Joaquin Loves his Daddies

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Daddy Fucks His New Puppy

Starring: Ezequiel, Joaquin
Since Ezequiel saw Joaquin on our set one day, he went nuts. He was always teasing him. "When are you going to give it up for me?" Joaquin also wanted him, but he was made to wait and wait, until finally one day they connected. Watch Ezequiel unleash all his bear manhood power in a non-scripted, you guys go at it, video. It turned out super-hot. What do you think?


Now Try Tarhan's Big Cock

Starring: Turhan, Joaquin
Borja have just had sex with Joaquin who is insiting in having a formal relantionship . Borja has other ideas, he suggests that before beginning a steady relationship with him, he should have other experiences with men and introduces him to his friend the famous Big-Cock Tarhan, the young sex-starved fellow accepts the challenge with joy.


I Like Your Package

Starring: Laurent, Joaquin
Laurent is a masculine underwear designer and must complete a presentation for which is helping his favorite model Joaquin who is more interested in his boss "package" than modeling. After much Insinuating and seducing Laurent decided to stop working and give this young fellow what he deserves a great fuck and his undivided attention. This scene is one of the best older younger scenes we've filmed.


A Fucking History Lesson

Starring: Genaro, Joaquin
Genaro is a History professor. One of his private students is fascinated by the Greeks, which is one of the professor's favorite topics. He explained that Greeks spent long periods away fighting battles so they would fuck among themselves. Genaro says to Joaquin, “when you have not had sex for a long time, you fuck anybody. Since I have not have had sex for a while, today is your turn, young man


Daddy Seduced By a Young Hunk

Starring: Magnus, Joaquin
We wanted Magnus to film a scene for us since we met him on the set filming for playdaddy. He is a masculine macho man with a big fat cock. We sent Joaquin to seduce him , he got him hot and ready for our cameras. It is so hot to watch a straight Daddy going crazy with a young hunk like Joaquin.


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