MyFirstDaddy Vol. 6

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82 VS 22

Starring: Don Rodrigo, Joaquin
If there is grampa who is a top at 82 we will find him and treasure him! Meet Don Rodrigo a well known art professor in Buenos Aires . Now retired he only only takes private students. Joaquin has shown some talents and he is ready for for the next step.


Keep Practicing

Starring: Flavio, Turhan
The single most important quality that every teacher should possess is a love and time to get to know a student on a personal level which takes a lot of time and dedication. There is also a line that no teacher wants to cross where their relationship becomes too personal.


The Return of Blue Jay

Starring: Blue Jay, Cody Johns
Blue Jay is back Folks! Who does not remember the scene Rewarding the rescuer? it seems like yesterday but it has been over 10 years since Jay did that scene for us. Now in his 70's Jay is hotter and hornier than ever!.


Searching for the New Messi

Starring: Joaquin, Theo
In South America everybody plays soccer and everyone want to be like Messi. The process of becoming famous is finding a good coach with good connections. Theo is a former soccer player who has a good eye to spot new talents.


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