Nasty Daddies Vol. 10

$ 29.95

More Than Roomates

Starring: Felix, Haroldo
With the current recession as an excuse, daddies with money place ads in local papers to see if they can find broke, hunky guys. Felix found the ideal candidate and after a couple of hours of the guy moving in he was all over his cock.


Late For Work Again

Starring: Gary, Pablo
Gary's an important businessman who lives with Pablo, a sexy latin twink. This horny young guy can never get enought from daddy and starts teasing him when he was just leaving for an important meeting.


I Can't Resist a Daddy In a Suit

Starring: Alan Handsen, Parker Boyd
Who hasn't had fantasies about a hot boss or supervisor wearing a sexy suit? Parker Boyd certainly has and asked us to do a shoot with a daddy playing the role of his boss.


Daddy In Shape

Starring: Marcus Aurelius, Rugby Cowboy
We have something extra special: We are finally going to see Marcus in action! He begins by showing us his routine to keep his muscles stretched. But, of course, we all want to see him using his "love muscle".


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