Nasty Daddies Vol. 12

$ 29.95

One Loose Dog, One Tight Ass

Starring: Anthony, Omar
Anthony just found a lost dog in the street. Luckily it had an identification tag so it was easy to find the owner, Omar. This silverfox was very happy to recover his pooch and started to have some ideas of how to "compensate" Anthony.


The Three Fuckateers

Starring: Borja, Ezequiel, Mirkko
The ultimate daddy trio! Mirkko, Ezequiel and Borja are working out in the same gym. Borja's treadmill started to fail and asked the other guys to help him fix it. The machine never worked again, but obviously these horny daddies found another ways to keep on "exercising"!


The Shy Guy And The Therapist

Starring: Borja , Paulino
Paulino is in the middle of a personality crisis! He's a shy, straight hottie who's not getting any satisfaction from his wife. Luckily we have Borja, a true "professional" who'll help Paulino.


Happy Birthday Coach

Starring: Coach Daddy, Robert Axel
Today is Coach Daddy's birthday...and we've brought him a special present! Coach Daddy gets to unwrap his gift and suck on some HOT young cock.


Daddy Dean Up Close

Starring: Daddy Dean
We wanted to feature Daddy Dean on a solo JO for the longest time. He made his day view on and everybody went crazy with him. So perfectly shaped balls! His dick is big , he wears a steel cock head ring all the time that looks great on him.


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