Nasty Daddies Vol. 4

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Daddy Attacks

Starring: Miky, Roberto
When hot and older daddy Robert gets his hands on this young pup, passion is the outcome. Watch as this handsome duo get naked and do some sexual exploraton!


From Russia With Love

Starring: Hans, Patrick
Hans is just unbelievable in his role playing: a host for this "real" Russian boy who traveled to the USA to be with Daddy. These guys really connected since they met; the camera just happen to be there. Hot Video


Eye Candy

Starring: Giles, Jonathon
Jonathon can't believe his luck when he meets Giles. He is not just handsome 'Eye Candy', he has incredible sex skills too!.


Cruising On Older4me

Starring: Amarko, Elektro
When daddies go cruising they want HOT daddy sex. Amarko and Elektro heat up the screen with erotic sexcapades in this sizzling scene!

I Know What Turns You On

Starring: Lucas, Mirkko
When daddy eyes his younger prey, he knows exactly how to turn him on--sweet talking! That is the way he shows he cares! In the beginning Lucas resisted fucking Mirkko but ends up fucking his sweet ass big time!


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