Nasty Daddies Vol. 5

$ 29.95

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The Trail

Starring: Dillon Roy, Giles
While on a hiking trail two hot daddies get aroused. They start their passionate interlude outdoors, but need more comfortable surroundings to finish of. So they head back to the office and get more comfortable and more aroused!


Two Daddies And A Hunk

Starring: Carl, Hans, Mike James
Mike James and Hans discover how friendly and helpful Carl can be with his guests.


Bears Found

Starring: Miguel Angel, Mirkko
Two handsome bears get lost in the city. Before heading to the bars they decided to walk around to cruise for hot grizzly action.


I Prefer Older Men

Starring: Mike James, Sparky
A busy young entrepreneur by the name of Mike James (who is loaded with money and attitude) came to us with a request. "I want to get fucked by an older man and you guys can name the price." We were lucky that we could offer Sparky's Handy, who is 65 years old.


We Need To Talk

Starring: Lucas, Vicente
Lucas meets Vicente at a bar to ask him for some advice. He needs to confess that he has been having feelings for men much older than him. Vicente tries to help out but soon he realizes that he is the guy that Lucas has been dreaming of.


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