Play Daddy Vol. 10

$ 29.95

Lucky Daddy

Starring: Zelasnik, Gladys
You never know when you can find a horny lady , maybe just walking on the street or in the supermarket. He can not believe that a hot foxy lady in her 20's would be interested in a 65 old fart!!

Double Play

Starring: Gladys, Martel, Venancio It's always interesting to see a willing slut take on two horny daddies! It's even more shocking when the cutie spreads her little legs to get filled by these playful dirty old men.

Calling My Doctor

Starring: Novotna, Il doctore
Somebody told Novotna that a Doctor in town is known for taking advantage of her patients. So she pretends to be really sick and calls the doc to come to her rescue...

I Like Your Big Boobies

Starring: Gino, Canela
This 70 year old gent can't believe how lucky he got! Canela is a hot big boobie mamma that takes him for a long hot bumpy ride and she never let go.

I Need Money

Starring: Dick Nasty, Allison Pierce
Allison and her classmates are doing their best to collect money to go on a spring break to Cancun, Allison is known for not taking a "NO" for an answer and fucks the living crap of this executive to get what she wants.

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