Play Daddy Vol. 2

$ 29.95

Horny Chubby

Starring: Pamela, Daddy Emilio
Talk about quick action! No more than two minutes pass, and Daddy Emilio makes his move! "Sit next to me," and, "what color are your eyes?" is all it takes. Next thing you know it, Pamela slips her clothes off!


Fuck My Ass

Starring: Lenore, Lee
After a horribly long day at the office, Lee looks forward to nothing more than a nice, long, sleep-filled night. As soon as he walks into his room, though, he sees Lenore reading with her ass hanging out of her dress. What more of an invitation can you?


Uptown Motel

Starring: Margaret, Pietro
This is some great action. Margaret and Pietro decide to relax in the jacuzzi naked, but that's exactly what they DON'T do. They start off by going down on each other, then use the rest of the house for multi-positioned rough sex.


Kitchen Fun

Starring: Claudia, Ernest
What's sexier than coming home to your woman in the kitchen? Coming home to your woman in the kitchen, wearing nothing but one of your shirts! Watch as the action takes place ALL over the kitchen, where food isn't the only thing on the menu!.


Hi Doc

Starring: Camila, Dan
The doctor is in! Camila calls Dr. Dan over to help with her chest, stomach, and lower-pain. Upon examining her, Dr. Dan realizes he's got just what she needs; a big cock to make her feel better! Watch as he breaks the patient-doctor barrier..


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