Play Daddy Vol. 3

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Brazilian Grampa Adventure

Starring: Ivette, Sussana, Grampa Carlinio
You should always test drive a car before buying it, right? So why not fuck a woman before making her your wife? Daddy Carliño is indeed that lucky. Watch as he fucks these two women in hopes to find which would better please him in bed and as his wife!


Brazilian Fucks Two Daddies

Starring: Sussana, Braulio, Grampa Carlinio
Is three really a crowd? Not for Sussana! Unhappy with just one man to please her, she makes a few calls and has another cock sent over with means to please her pussy! Watch as this threesome unfolds into one hot sex affair!


Horny Grampa

Starring: Martina, Kent
Ohhhhhhh what an ass this woman has. This lucky daddy gets this voluptuous woman to suck his dick, ride his cock, then fuck him in the jacuzzi! Now if that's not an accomplishment for a man of ANY age, I don't know what is!


Black Daddy Fucks Brazilian Slut

Starring: Clia, Borasi
A chance business meeting gone wild! Clia and Borasi run into each other on a cliff overlooking the ocean with no sexual intent in mind. Upon returning to her house, however, lust takes over and rough, hard sex ensues!


Still Fucking Chicks at 80

Starring: Lenore, Alex
Lenore is running a little late, and Alex lets her know of this as soon as she gets home. As much as he tries to be mad at her, he can't help but give in after she starts to apologize by rubbing his cock... and that's only the beginning!


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