Play Daddy Vol. 4

$ 29.95

Tribe's Rules

Starring: Charles, Rica
Rica is HORNY. Charles just got out of the shower and started to get some work done, when Rica comes from behind and PULLS him to the bedroom. She RIPS his robe off, starts sucking on his body, and shows him why he shouldn't neglect fucking her!

Smooth Operator

Starring: James, Cheryl
As men, we all want to fuck the finest and youngest (LEGAL) girls possible, right? That mindset doesn't change with age. See how lucky James gets as his neighbors' daughter comes over to ask for some sugar, and gives it up instead!

I'll Take you To Places

Starring: Gerald, Misty
This man is a PIMP. He plays hard to get for a bit, not showing too much interest in her, and BAMM. She comes onto him stronger than he could imagine!

Neck Pillow

Starring: Kent, Princessa
Kent has been looking around for sexy girls to promote his new line of clothes. While interviewing Princessa, he can't help but want to use her... FOR HIS OWN SEXUAL SATISFACTION!

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