Play Daddy Vol. 8

$ 29.95

I Love Older Men

Starring: Julio, Gerard, Carmina
Julio's waiting at his brother's house when Carmina, his brother's wife, gets home from work. She loves older men so much, that she jumps on him INSTANTLY! Watch as they fuck, only to be discovered by Rudy, Carmina's husband!

Haloween Anal Fuck

Starring: Carl, Petra
She wanted a big cock in her ass so bad! Carl rides that tight ass like a pro then pulls out and comes in her mouth... Oh man she just loved it!

Pound Me Daddy

Starring: Marlon, Deanna
No sooner than Marlon gets home, Deanna literally JUMPS on him. Apparently she's been wanting his cock PRETTY badly and she's making sure he gets it!

Lets Fuck My Wife 2

Starring: Tawny, Coach Daddy, Carl
Coach Daddy manages to get a very motivated house wife to play with him while hubby is out of town. Uppon his return Carl finds his wife fucking on his own bed!! ...they all join for a hot threeway... a real happy ending!

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