Power Daddies Vol. 1

$ 29.95

Talent Agent

Starring: Johnny Johnston, Tiger Ray
Johnny Johnston, a talent porn agents in LA, meets Tiger, a Kentucky boy, who just arrived in Los Angeles in search of a career in the porn industry.

Feed It To Me At Both Ends

Starring: Ki, Mr. Dornwald, Roger Dalton
Mr. Dornwald was relating to a co-worker, Roger, his hot encounter in Wyoming. It turns out that Roger was hot and ready for some action himself.

How Can We Help You?

Starring: Horned Toad, Mark, Roger Dalton
Roger and his boss Horned Todd run a computer service that fulfill their clients wildest sexual fantasies. Both are stunning with their hot buddies and their talent mouths.

Rod Steel

Starring: Eddie hook, Rod Steel
Rod likes to show his client a good time. Eddie could not believe his eyes when the pants come off. What a piece he shouted!.Hard meat, oral sucking, Eddie takes the 9" rod like a man.

High School Reunion

Starring: Jimmy Gray, Nephew
They thought they have put behind them the days in 1961, in high school, those men games, the gym class, the showers... they all came together at their latest high school reunion.

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