Power Daddies Vol. 4

$ 29.95

Dannys Dungeon

Starring: Vince Dondi and John Roma
Vince Dondi makes his first appearance as a stud Porn Model on a hot encounter with a construction worker who is hungry for work and with experience in handling BIG ,BIG tools. Very hot ass play here!

Desert Shack

Starring: Lance, Al and Salvatore
Stroking a beautiful big cock makes wonders in a resort full of hungry playful man. Lance will take your breath away with his hard pounding cock. He not only gives but likes to get it form his old daddy friend. The shack is open…take a peek!

Bear Interrupted

Starring: Damien and Clint Taylor
Watching these two bears making love can get your blood churning. A performance difficult to forget. Lots of deep-throating, humping and pumping action These two guys give a whole new meaning to the term Rough Bears!

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