Sexy Grampas Vol. 1

$ 29.95

He Will Go For It

Starring: E. Fred , Giles , Giovanni
Three guys in the late sixties fucking in a hot movie? Isn't that a great way to enojoy the summer guys? Giovanni and E. Fred team up to fuck Gorgeous. E.Fred fucks Giles and also gets fucked by Giovanni!!! unbelievable. Giovanni also fucks Giles. Enjoy !!


Two Boys Bareback Daddy

Starring: Dean , Fabrizio, Marcello
Our beloved friend Dean is back. The voice for all our videos can have all the boys he wats in Buenos Aires. He seems to be more in demand now that he has turned 80. He picks boys who can opt to live with him, as long as they follow his rules..


Mutual Fund Broker

Starring: Cody Johns, Giovanni
Giovanni plays on this scene the part of a mutual fund manager and Cody Johns plays the horny investor. You will come back to watch this scene over and over. Giovanni is so sexy and gorgeous.


Handy Man

Starring: Giles , Lou
This scene could have been named , the return of the most gorgeous older man in the history ;-). This time he calls the maintenance person for the building to fix his A/C. The action starts right the on the kitchen counter.


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