Sexy Grampas Vol. 2

$ 29.95

Daddy I Have Good News

Starring: Doc, Giovanni
Doc was to promoted to principal and he can't wait to come home and tell Daddy the good news. What better way to celebrate a raise than making love with Daddy then go out for a steak dinner come back and fuck some more.


Like Father, Like Son, Only Better.

Starring: Ezequiel, Pascal
Pascal is an old friend of Ezequiel's Father and he comes to pay him a visit. Ezequiel knows about his father and Pascal are an item , he has always been very accepting of his father being gay. At one point Pascal tells Ezequiel, "you are as handsome as your father". That all it took man!


Plow Me More

Starring: German Daddy
Guess who is back? yes Sir, German Daddy! . He is hotter and stronger than ever. We all know that GD has a thick cock. So we brought in a younger power bottom who calls him self "plow me big time".


I Told My Mom I Was Doing a Porn Movie

Starring: Akos, Cody John
This is a real documentary, lots of fun an excellent fucking. Oh..and the title is the honest true, he did tell his 88 year old mom he was doing a porn video. Amazing!!!.


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