Three Ways with Daddy

$ 29.95

Two Hunks + Daddy

Starring: Flavio, Joaquin, Rocky Bear
When you have money you can do many things. Watch Rocky, he just wanted to jack off by watching two boys doing it in front of him. So he hired a couple of escorts. From the get go the boys wanted daddy to join them, but he declined. " I just want to watch " he says. Well he could not keep his word for too long.


The Art of Sex

Starring: Aslan , Don Rodrigo, Joaquin
Don Rodrigo is an art teacher and today is tutoring his favorite pupil, Joaquin. He has also invited another student, Aslan, to join them in some drawing practice. He tells them he has to leave for a while and, taking Joaquin aside, asks him if he can check to see if Aslan is gay.


The Sum Of All Daddy Dicks

Starring: Borja , Joaquin, Turhan
Sometimes young guys fall in love with daddies. That is the case with Joaquin who is infatuated with Borja. Borja is the man who fucked more than 2000 men, He tells the boy he needs to enjoy life. He is young, don't settle with anyone, just fuck a whole lot.


Indecent Proposal

Starring: Nick Bay, Remo, Rocky Bear
What would you say if your partner comes to you and says, I think we need to get a third person in the mix to spicy up our relationship? Do you go ahead and accept even when you know it can be a dead end? That is exactly what this couple is going through right now and Rocky Bear is coming to the rescue.


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