Top Latin Daddies Vol. 3

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Noisy neighbor

Starring: Ezequiel, Nick Bay
Having neighbors who make love practically every night can be exciting but if one of them screams like crazy when he climax can be a problem too. Ezequiel decides to take control over the situation and politely ask Nick to please keep it quiet.


Friday Night Fever

Starring: Laurent, Luiggi
Luiggi and Laurent work in the same office and we now see them at closing time on Friday, alter a full week’s work. Luiggi sees it is quitting time and decides to relax at one of his favorite pastimes—watching porno and playing with his hardon. Laurent continues working in order to finish some bookwork the boss wants done.


Aslan & Igor

Starring: Aslan, Igor
Aslan and Igor live at the same apartment. Aslan is well known for his Saturday night parties with men of all ages. His unit is always busy and full of excitement. Igor is married but he likes to play with guys. Today they are both at the building pool. Aslan offers to help him put sun block on Igor’s back


Silver Fox and his Fuck Buddy

Starring: Jake Marshall, Mitch Jordan
Jake is a hot Daddy. He is been getting a lot of dick lately. He decided to enjoy a day by the pool when his friend Mitch Jordan called him up asking if it'd be okay to stop by. They start kissing at the pool and they stay outside fucking on a beautiful sunny day. Mitch Jordan is a great top. His cock is a head turner, but he is not just a big dick he knows how to fuck and his daddies appreciate the way he rocks their world.


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