Accidental Towel Drop

$ 29.95

Accidental Towel Drop

Starring: Rafael Madera, Luiggi
Daddy slept alone last night. He always takes a night off per week where he does not fuck anyone. It is already morning, he woke up with a big boner, he starts playing with his big tool big, finally sometime for himself when the door bell rings. The company he runs is sending some documents for him so sign. They sent an intern, a young guy who is trying to prove he can handle Luiggi's demands. Well, he has interrupted Daddy jack off session so he is pissed off. He "accidentally" unveils his big dick and at that point the trainee has an important decision to make.


Whisky a Go Go

Starring: Amilcar,Luiggi
Luiggi welcomes the new hire, he treats him very well at the office during his training period and he also invites him over for drinks at his house. Luiggi is all about making friends and make everybody feel welcome. After having several whiskys on the rocks, Luiggi picks up something about Amilcar and asks him : "You are very uninhibited, you like to party right?" After that Luiggi pushes forward and the new hire gets fucked in the ass.


Using The Casting Couch Again

Starring: Flavio, Luiggi
Flavio wants to get involved in making porno films and comes to meet Luiggi, who is in charge of casting and training new actors. His first advice to the young man is to relax, and above all, enjoy the experience. To help he begins to show Flavio how to relax. It doesn’t take long for the stud to get into the rhythm and both men get turned on by each other. The casting call soon turns into a good, old-fashioned fuck fest as they get totally involved with each other.


Luiggi on Daddy

Starring: Mario, Luiggi
We love Luiggi when he fucks guys his own age. For us filming two guys over 60 is a dream come true. We feel like stop filming and just enjoy the moment. Mario does a great job trying to please the very demanding Luiggi who was inspired that day. He left us all horny at the mechanic shop where we film.


I Love Fucking You

Starring: Felix, Luiggi
Felix did not want to leave town without seeing Luiggi. He heard that he is a good fuck. He insisted until he got him. Felix loves Daddy's cock and he had a really good time on this scene with Luiggi.


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