After Hours With The Boss

$ 29.95

After Hours With The Boss

Starring: Kenso, Luar
This was not Luar's first choice when he was deciding which job to take. He decided to work there when he saw the owner. He loves older guys and he enjoyed seeing him every day. He jacked off every night thinking of his boss wearing those suits showing what it appeared to be a big cock judging by his package. Until one day it happened. It was his boss and him by themselves. The boss Kenso asked him I need you to stay after hours to help finish a project. The rest is history. Watch a horny straight daddy fucking a horny young admirer.


Daddy Fucks Me Really Good

Starring: Javier, Lucas
When these two hot men get together the sex is bound to be spectacular. Lucas has a craving for daddy cock...and Javier has just what this young pup needs! Watch as these two demonstrate that Daddys fuck the best!


Straight Most of the Time

Starring: Tony Mattone, Joaquin
Another "straight" daddy bites the dust. He came to the interview very confident. He is full of energy, charming like all Italians. He got to tell us that he was married and he has three girlfriends that he was fucking . When we just asked him, have you ever fucked a guy.? He paused for a second and he said, I love to fuck guys especially if they have a hot ass. Watch the video and see if you agree with us that this daddy likes guys too much, which is totally alright with us! We love straight daddies who make the switch.


I want you to be my Toy

Starring: Ezequiel,Gonzalo
Ezequiel wanted a boy-toy to play with. He found a young photographer specialize in male nudes, who was looking for new faces in turned out that he loves short hairy men, he also knows that Ezequiel has done porn so will try to seduce him. The perfect opportunity. Daddy does not stop until he gets what he wants and pounding his firm, young, fine ass was always part of the plan.


If You Got It Big, Let Me Search It

Starring: Rafael Madera, Turhan
Younger guys who like older men are out of control. They want them top and with big cocks. Working for Turhan company has its fringe benefits. The boss likes to fuck young guys after hours and he only hires guys who can take his huge dick up their ass like a man. Watch as this young daddy lover takes care of his boss twisted needs.


Daddy likes Street Hustlers

Starring: Don Diego, Johny
How are you doing handsome? that phrase and a certain look was enough to pick a hot guy on the streets. No hookups sites, no cell phone text frigging messages none of of that. Just the magic of two strangers crossing paths in the big city . Johnny is a hot boy and he loves older men who have a strong personality. Watch daddy as he could not believe that he is fucking this gorgeous man.


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