All The Way Up His Ass

$ 29.95

All The Way Up His Ass

Starring: Mickey Collins, Jason Proud
We loved Horny Daddy Jason Proud the minute we saw him. Handsome and Hung he was looking for a nice tight ass to Fuck. We found him Hungry Bottom Mickey Collins. It is a perfect match. Jason gets to bury his big thick tool deep in Mickey who takes it like a Champ!


Aslan & Igor

Starring: Aslan, Igor
Aslan and Igor live at the same apartment. Aslan is well known for his Saturday night parties with men of all ages. His unit is always busy and full of excitement. Igor is married but he likes to play with guys. Today they are both at the building pool. Aslan offers to help him put sun block on Igor's back. With his strong hands he hints to Igor that he is ready for more, Igor is also ready to pop a load on his raunchy neighbor.


I Want You to Fuck My Friend Aslan

Starring: Aslan,Joaquin, Don Diego
Joaquin is out of control. Since he met Don Diego and did a video with him they are kind of an item. They have an open relationship so he asked him if it would be okay to call Aslan and watch as Don Diego fucked him. Joaquin likes to watch two older men doing it, and so do we! Don Diego is also a sex addict and wants to give his young lover all he wants. Initially Joaquin is excited just to watch, but soon gets involved in the action in a hot three-way.


Brad Kalvo Does Scott Reynolds

Starring: Brad Kalvo, Scott Reynolds
These two hot daddies are getting ready to go to a party. They are both having a good time in the bathroom taking turns showering when brad says, "I am not much in the mood for going to the party." That's is all it took for these two hunky daddies to get started on having a party on their own. Scott Reynolds can't believe this luck while he is getting fucked and man handled by porn star brad Kalvo. You will love this scene between two hot hairy hunks.


Noisy Neighbor

Starring: Ezequiel, Nick Bay
Having neighbors who make love practically every night can be exciting but if one of them screams like crazy when he climax can be a problem too. Ezequiel decides to take control over the situation and politely ask Nick to please keep it quiet. Nick invites Ezequiel to have a conversation with his partner who he says he is the noisy one. After one hour waiting , Nick tells him that he lie and he wanted to be with him cos he like older men, specially hairy machos like him. Ezequiel fucks him like crazy and he discovers who the laud one was, it was Nick!


Oscar Jack Off

Starring: Oscar
The importance of being masculine and presenting a macho image. That is what defines our friend Oscar. We have gotten a lot of requests for him doing a solo video since he only appears with a lady on a Playdaddy movie. It is interesting to see him in action after 5 years . He is all yours to enjoy.


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