Cowboy Daddy

$ 29.95

My New Pool Guy

Starring: Cassidy Troy, Jack Hardon
You know the fantasy of fucking the pool boy? Well, the man who owns this pool, handsome daddy Cassidy, has no interest in boinking a young one near the water. He wants his ass plowed, poolside, by big-dicked daddy Jack. A sexy man who masterfully works his hefty drain pipe in the pool owner's drain hole. He even manages to clog it with a cum creampie. Which is just the kind of stuffing being barebacked and bred this daddy bottom wanted!

Cowboy Daddy Meets Zach

Starring: Clayton, Zach Maxwell
When Daddy Clayton is in his cowboy hat you know he's ready to ride holes! With sexy Zach in his backwards ballcap, you know that means he's gonna be the one rode hard with Clay's meat. But you also get the younger dude's equally big dick plugging balls deep into daddy's mouth and raw hole. Seeing the muscle boy ride the beef meister is a sight to behold. Which Clayton compounds by beholdin', and jerkin', that famed dad dick of his. Ride 'em both, men!

Portuguese Crash Course

Starring: Brunno Gaucho, Sean Nelson
Brunno's a language instructor who can work with everyone from novices to those just needing to, ahem, bone up, and can pace things from slow to fast. Basically he tailors himself to each student. Daddy Bear Sean seemed to wanna learn Portuguese the fast way. Turns out, he really wanted to cum quickly and still plow his bottom hard and long. The handsome tutor had no problems managing the course of having both his holes worked!

Back in Town

Starring: Adric Hitchcock, Zach Maxwell
Here's another daddy tops the bottom boy scene, right? But no, you horny guys, this one turns that usual set-up on its ears. Make that on daddy's back! Meanwhile, handsome Zach already knows sexy Adric, and likely he's had his big cock up the dude's butt. That may be, but now its for the lanky boy to fuck the hunky man! Seeing a next-gen gent not so gently plowing a hot daddy's hole bodes well for us who watch, and partake, for years to CUM!

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