Don Diego Fucks...

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Don Diego Fucks Me and My Friend

Starring: Nick Bay, Don Diego, Luar
Don Diego is a horny Daddy. He has been fantasizing about watching his boyfriend Luar and his friend Nick fucking. He knows that Nick is crazy about Luar and that they have fucked before. Don Diego shares his idea with Luar and he agrees to go ahead with it . Sons do whatever Daddy asks him to do always without hesitation. He starts watching and of course he can't resist getting into the action. Daddy fucks both boys. This is one of the best MFD scenes. Daddy fucks this two hunks like we never seen before, he goes wild.


A Crush on Daddy

Starring: Ronaldo,Gael
Picking boys up on the street like the old times. Gael went to the theater that is his favorite pastime. He is ready to go home when he spot a hot boy in the crowd. The looked at each other, the boy knew the score, he knows that theaters are a good spot to pick up sophisticated daddies. The boy agreed to go to a hotel with Gael. Gael is a super-hot daddy with a big cock that fucked Ronaldo really hard. We think Gael is a great daddy lover and we will bring him back for another scene. What do you think?


Bottom With Boys

Starring: Joaquin, Mauro
Mauro is a hot Daddy. We met him years ago during the casting my gay radar went, this guy is gay and I tried to seduce him, grab him etc . He politely told me I am only into fucking women, okay whatever. He has a nice cock , big and thick and he is short guy so it makes it even bigger. We filmed a scene for playdaddy with him that was great, end of history. A month ago him again replies to our ad and he comes back to our studio. He goes "I talked to my wife I told her I am gay" and I want to do a gay video but as a bottom. I went : sure! I immediately called Joaquin which is a great versatile guy, he usually is a bottom but he can top and he is good at it. He fucked Mauro really good. He went nice and deep.



Starring: Don Diego,Joaquin
Don Diego is in for a treat tonight . He lets his boyfriend blindfolds him and do all sorts of nasty things to him, just enough foreplay to get him rock hard and then Daddy is on the attack what follows is the best fuck we have ever seen between an older men and his boy. It is a non stop sex session that has it all , hot fucking and gorgeous love making between daddy and his naughty boy.


Job Description

Starring: Luiggi,Juanse
If you have been out of work for several months and you are not getting any interviews, call Luiggi and he will adjust your approach to job hunting. There are a ton of guys who come to Luiggi for advice, they all want to get in the action. How can you make money and have a great time in the process? Luigi has the solution, let me fuck you and I will let you know if you have what takes to make it in this industry


Using The Casting Couch Again

Starring: Flavio, Luiggi
Flavio wants to get involved in making porno films and comes to meet Luiggi, who is in charge of casting and training new actors. His first advice to the young man is to relax, and above all, enjoy the experience. To help he begins to show Flavio how to relax. It doesn’t take long for the stud to get into the rhythm and both men get turned on by each other. The casting call soon turns into a good, old-fashioned fuck fest as they get totally involved with each other.


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