Friday Night Fever

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Friday Night Fever

Starring: Laurent, Luiggi
Luiggi and Laurent work in the same office and we now see them at closing time on Friday, alter a full week's work. Luiggi sees it is quitting time and decides to relax at one of his favorite pastimes”watching porno and playing with his hardon. Laurent continues working in order to finish some bookwork the boss wants done. Luiggi soon calls him over saying "look at this, it is hot". Laurent goes over and agrees it is hot but is looking at Luiggi's cock and not the video. Luiggi notices the other man's interest and invites him to taste his rock hard prick, which Laurent does with pleasure.


Imagining Luiggi

Starring: Luiggi,Gonzalo
It happened to all of us, We dream and fantasize about Luiggi showing up on our bedroom and have him all by ourselves. That is what happen to our twinky friend Gonzalo a horny Latin boy who was in the solitude of his office having a vision of Luiggi magically appearing before his eyes and fucking his tight ass in excahnge for his bi-weekly paycheck. Luiggi took care of business and then he...well watch the video and find out what happened.


Luiggi Tops Dario

Starring: Dario, Luiggi
The kid recognizes Luiggi as the porn actor, he jacks off every night looking at his videos and he can't believe he is looking at him. He finally gets the courage to talk to him, he says to Luiggi: " I am dying to have sex with you, do I have a chance?" Luigi tells him his fees for only oral or a complete service with happy ending. The youngster says yes and puts all his saving on the line. Luggi fucks him good, the kid loves it. Luiggi is still surprise that he gets paid for having sex but the youngers are out of control.


Luiggi Tops Joaquin

Starring: Joaquin, Luiggi
Joaquin is the son of the superintendent in charge of the building where Luiggi lives. The young man picks up some loose change doing odd jobs for the tenants. Today he has arranged to work in Luiggi's apartment but when he arrives he discovers the older man has taken the day off and is enjoying a leisurely shower. Joaquin is fascinated and watches as Luiggi stands under the water, imagining that the daddy is slipping his cock into the youngster's ass. As Luiggi finishes, Joaquin sits on the sofa, apparently on Luiggi's clothes. The youngster refuses to budge and when Luiggi asks what he was doing at the bathroom door and young stud just reaches up, undoes Luiggi's robe and starts to suck the older guy's cock, which they both enjoy. It is beginning to look like Luiggi has planned this encounter .


Luiggi does a shemale

Starring: Luiggi, Liz
Ah, those crazy afternoons in Buenos Aires! We could write a book with all the stories we had in this city... We already had a model scheduled for Luiggi but he said "You know what? I feel like banging a shemale". So we had to drive all through BA to find one... and man, did we! Liz was not only super nice but also a vicious lover for our insatiable Luiggi. Have we discovered a new niche? This is the funniest scene we shot with Luiggi.


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