Get down on it

$ 29.95

Get down on it

Starring: Jerome,Luiggi
On this scene Luiggi is out of control. We got him in one of those days he just want to fuck a good piece ass and keeps at it like there is no tomorrow. Jerome is a handsome man, salt and pepper Latino daddy, who turns heads where ever he goes. Jerome got drunk and he did exactly as Luiggi told him. Filming this scene was a lot of fun, great photography. This scene is a must see if you just love older-older scenes like we do.


The Confession

Starring: Jerome,Rocky Bear
Rocky ran into an old friend and invited him over to hang out. It had been about 5 years since he had seen him. Jerome had something very important to share with his old friend. Rocky tells him: "Now you are going to feel more comfortable and you are going to tell me what is happening with you, right?" Jerome confess to him that he was gay. After the initial surprise Ricky tells him: it does not make any difference to me.


I'm Finally Back Home

Starring: Nick Bay,Luiggi
Nick bay plays a husband who comes back from a long trip and he is finally back home. Being apart for a long period is difficult for any couple, even a couple as close as these two. Luiggi has been counting down the days until his hubby gets home, and he couldn't wait to see him and fuck him, daddy knows his boy likes it even though he is dead tired.


Aslan picks Luiggi for his First Time

Starring: Luiggi,Aslan
One of the hottest daddies on the net is back! That’s is right . Luiggi was dating a Prince in the middle east for over a year. He was paid very well for his services so he had told us “I am done, no more movies for me”. We knew he was in town so we tempted him with an offer he could not refuse. Our friend Aslan had decided that if he was going to lose his virginity then Luiggi would be the one. We believe that Aslan liked it so much that from now one he will get a lot of daddy's cock.


Job description

Starring: Luiggi,Juanse
If you have been out of work for several months and you are not getting any interviews, call Luiggi and he will adjust your approach to job hunting. There are a ton of guys who come to Luiggi for advice, they all want to get in the action. How can you make money and have a great time in the process? Luigi has the solution, let me fuck you and I will let you know if you have what takes to make it in this industry


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