His First Daddy Dick

$ 29.95

Drywall Finish

Starring: Chaco, Jerome
Daddy Jerome thought he was hired to do some finishing work on another man's drywall. Little did he know that the employer, sexy daddy Chaco, had in mind to paint his gut walls wet with cum from his huge dick. Nor did the hot bottom expect that any heavy hammering would take place solely in his hairy ass by said big bone. But like any good worker, the handsome man was up, on a ladder, and down, on the couch, getting the job done!

Sports Therapist

Starring: Ito, Verdi
Daddy Verdi has been a sports therapist long enough to know that he usually gets two kinds of men coming in for help. Those with a legit injury, and those hoping they have just enough of something to take them out of play for a while. But then there's the third kind of man. Whose reasons for wanting his services has less to do with a mishap from playing on the field than playing with the doctor in charge. If big-dicked daddy Verdi had a choice, he'd want the latter every time. Fortunately, Ito is one such man who can't help but find any excuse to hop on Verdi's table, and hop on his big raw cock. From the look of "bottom boy heaven" on Ito's face and deep pleasure on daddy's, this is just the kind of sports therapy they both can use, regularly.

His First Daddy Dick

Starring: Bubba, Clayton
We bring lots of fans and fame to a lot of hot daddies. But once in a while a popular porn dude will come to us wanting to collaborate. Like Bubba, who also had followers clamoring that their favorite top try something new in his next scene. In this case, taking it raw up the ass! Considering the stakes, pairing him with Clayton seemed the best choice. He is one of our own biggest crowd-pleasers, has one of the biggest daddy cocks in porn, and he gives as well as he takes. Which came in handy with daddy Bubba. His fans will be happy that he bottoms like a pro. But they should be just as pleased that he was still the man they adore and couldn't help topping his top. Daddies will be daddies, and we love them for it!

Daddy's Boy Bitch

Starring: John Blaker, Lorenzo
The term has its fans and its foes. However there's no denying that only a few young men bitches deserve the proclamation of being daddy's own. Prime alpha Lorenzo knows this, as does practically perfect bottom John, after some online chatter an in-person meets leads them back to the handsome top's bed. Where some extensive ass-hammering will determine this sexy twink's fate. Once daddy cums, it is safe to ass-ume he has found his bitch—and boy, John, you are it!

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