I Caught My Boy Cheating

$ 29.95

Rescued at Night

Starring: Gonzalo, Turhan
Turhan is such a nice man! One of his friend's sons was in need to place to stay over night. He had a big fight with his Dad and he decided he was going to leave home for good. Fortunately he found Turhan and he help him make sense of it all and think things thru. He also fucked him the way the boy want it. Watch Turhan's big dick doing nasty things with this twink in need of a father figure.


Watch Me Switch A Straight Daddy

Starring: Valentino, Joaquin
Joaquin is on fire! As you know he is into married older men, he likes to get fucked by "straight" guys. On this video he tell us how he is going to do it. He was at the studio when Valentino was filming a video for playdaddy.com . They chatted briefly and from that moment Joaquin put in motion all his arsenal, he did not stop until he was fucked in the ass by this horny man who never fucked a boy before. Valentino is a hot hairy daddy in his 60's . Gorgeous body, a hot Italian dad with a huge dick.


Turhan Sells his Huge Cock

Starring: Dario, Turhan
Super hot hot video of Turhan fucking a twink. The young daddy lover is on a quest. Hiis father is a millionaire who sent his kid to study in the big city, he is a good student but on weekends he lines up hot older mature man with big cocks. He loves getting fucked. Turhan fits his target perfectly, specially that big cock of his. This is a really hot video . Daddy just loves young meat.


Please Fuck Me Daddy

Starring: Gonzalo, Ed Hopkins
The Doctor comes home after working hard the whole day at his very busy practice but his young lover wants nothing but sex. He is 19 and he only wants daddy's fat dick in his ass. If you think that daddy can not keep up with the 19-year old boy, you are wrong. he totally understand that the boy wants it so daddy delivers. So there you have it a whole day at work and still have energy to fuck his boy. Way to go Daddy!


I Caught My Boy Cheating

Starring: Dario, Laurent
Boys are like that. They like to fuck as many daddies as they can, even if they have at home everything they need; problem is Dad caught him cheating and did not like it. He told him "I am gonna show you who owns your ass boy" and he did. He fucked him for hours. Watch this really hot bareback scene with the return of Laurent , he is getting older and hotter than ever.


Fuck On Demand

Starring: Igor, Johny
What a wonderful thing to be young. You have only one thing in mind, fuck , sex and dick. That is the case with John who is in the "market" to see how many daddies he can get over his apartment for a quick fuck in a day, but the he met Igor and he stopped texting and browsing as he decided he would have this daddy all for himself for more than a quickie.


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