Let Things Flow

$ 29.95

Chaco Fucks Hassan

Starring: Chaco, Hassan
After his flight is canceled, Chaco is relieved when his pal, Hassan, lets him spend the night in his office's basement. Checking out the space, he feels his buddy deserves more than just a thank you. Once Hassan shows up to check on his friend, it's Chaco's chance to show how much he really appreciates things. The kinky daddy is sure the biggest reward he can give this bottom daddy is his big, uncut cock. Hassan agrees, and happily accepts all of it down his throat. Chaco extends his gratitude, by banging his buddy's tender ass balls deep. Hassan's nonstop moans indicate he welcomes this added gesture and will surely be offering Chaco the exact accommodations any time they're needed!

The Usual Spot

Starring: Greko, Lorenzo
You know the type: the big stock market trader with the cocky attitude. But then, Lorenzo's arrogance goes much deeper than the usual screwing over of competitors, and countries, alike. Given the chance, he really likes to "screw them." Especially hungry bottom boys. Who Lorenzo lures, like more easy money in his pocket, deep in his office's basement. And next, to his usual spot, a hidden apartment. Where his latest obedient sub, Greco, is about to have Lorenzo go into his normal routine of fucking ass for hours! I'm sure this muscle bottom found it quite a fair trade of his time, and hole, for the big trader's even bigger raw meat.

Let Things Flow

Starring: Constanzo Fierron, John Blaker
Experienced or not, photo sessions can still make you nervous. One thing that can put you at ease is feeling comfortable with your photographer. That was how things went with twunky John, as top daddy Constanzo took the shots. An older gent who could have scared him. Instead, he made the lad feel this was exactly where he should be working, and worked. The man did this by generously giving the boy all of his huge boner. Which John took so well, it seemed to belong there. As did the boy himself, when all his fears vanished with daddy's bare dick balls deep inside him.

Picket Lines

Starring: Emir, Jerome
Picket lines are about fighting for what you want. Or, dammit, of being in the actual way of what you really want: COCK! Such was the cause of bottom daddy Jerome, whose desire to cross paths with top Emir was being thwarted. Fortunately they soon got together—in bed—with one huge picket (daddy's penis) being put in line (between the ass cheeks of the other daddy). So, except Jerome's pain at being plowed so hard, you'll find no protest here!

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