Locker Room

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The Confession

Starring: Jerome, Rocky Bear
Rocky ran into an old friend and invited him over to hang out. It had been about 5 years since he had seen him. Jerome had something very important to share with his old friend. Rocky tells him: "Now you are going to feel more comfortable and you are going to tell me what is happening with you, right?" Jerome confess to him that he was gay. After the initial surprise Ricky tells him: it does not make any difference to me.


Learning German... The Hard Way!!

Starring: Herr Mann,Parker Boyd
Herr Mann hasn't seen Parker since he left his homeland many years ago. At long last they are reunited. But both wonder what the other might have forgotten or remembered. Well it was obvious that Parker hadn't recalled how to speak any German. However, Herr Mann wasn't upset as much as he could have been. Because dad knew that his son still loved being German deep inside. Which was obvious from the moment when Herr Mann and Parker got back together -- in bed ! So, it was time for the father to hammer home the good and hard German back into the son. Often and passionately. With toughness and tenderness. Top to bottom. As dads should always fill their sons' minds -- and bodies. In fact, Herr Mann was so overjoyed to be back with Parker his joy was overflowing. In a show that's probably's largest shower of dad cum on a son we've ever filmed ! If that's learning German the hard way, it's no surprise Parker didn't take the easy way out!


James Ellis gets Fucked

Starring: Billie Blade, James Ellis
There are two hunky guys making out in the hot tub. BIllie gets hard and has James suck on his dick. The dirty blonde guy gives a great bj. He's friend goes down on him to return the favor. They start to fuck doggy style until Billie climax and cums on James asshole and back.


Do I Believe this Dream?

Starring: Remo, Turhan
Remo is a hottie , a daddy, great ass, great legs, handsome , hairy and always horny. He is dreaming with a big cock, he wanted it up his ass. The dream is so vivid . He sees a hairy daddy, he notice the tie he was wearing. He asked him to use his ass as he see fit. He is now suddenly awaken , he finds the tie next to him. Was it a dream?


Locker Room

Starring: Scott Reynolds, Matt Sizemore
All new employees need a welcome aboard . Scott just started working for this new gay resort. The place was quiet, he was ready to go home, went to take a shower, changed clothes and found the owner at the locker room. He was not in a training mood this time he wanted action. He told Scott, "before you get your ass fucked at this resort, you deserve to get fucked by the owner, is that a problem?" excellent scene between tow older men. Don't miss it!


Boris Solo

Starring: Boris
Boris , a top notch Daddy bear. We received lots of requests asking us about Boris doing a hot solo video. We also wanted him so bad. So here t is boys. Warning Boris has a fetish, watch it to find out what kind of fetish is it.


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