Married Man Escapade

$ 29.95

Night Crawlers

Starring: Clayton
The forces of true sexual chemistry can be such that it's impossible not to just go all the way with it, from rimming to barebacking. That was the case when this hunky daddy and humpy boy immediately went at each other, sucking dicks and eating ass, mutually, on the patio lounger. They take the spontaneous play right to bed next. Where the son, handsome Logan Roy, tops gorgeous Daddy Clayton first. Then, after some loving chat, he sucks daddy hard, and takes the massive dick up his raw ass as any good boy would. Just watching how naturally dad fucks, gets blown, and finally hammers his load deep in the bottom, you know it all had to happen between these two!

The Trash Corridor

Starring: Constanzo Fierron, Greko, Videlo
Trash is bad. But sometimes that's a very good thing. Building superintendent Greko knows this for a fact. He also knows the corridor outside the basement is a secret cruise spot. Which is another very good thing, especially for horny bottoms. As it was tonight, when the muscle dude was throwing out the garbage and discovered two hot tops in need of a hot hole. Greko decided now would be a very good time for his break, and wanted to share it with this sexy pair of daddies on the bed he keeps inside for just such occasions! Wasting no time, Constanzas big dick is sucked while Videlo undresses, and soon its all about tag-teaming and spit-roasting the trashy trash man. What a dirty treat on garbage night!

Married Man Escapade

Starring: Alexio, John Blaker
The world is full of married men, with wives who never understand, right? Well, that seems to be the case with hitched, reserved and straight daddy Alexio. Thank goodness the world is also full of understanding gay fuck boys. Who will take any man's raw cock, like jaunty John does, and mount it up, down, in, out, and sideways! So, while a man may not get his cock serviced by his betrothed, a daddy with a big dick can always count on a bare bottom boy's holes for pleasure and ya don't have to marry him for it!

In Writing

Starring: Chaco, Salvatore
Chaco is a true pro keenly aware of what he and others want and makes deals quite matter-of-factly. When he meets a potential partner, Salvatore, he smartly intuits the man's needs, and puts his own desires down on his card. That he wrote on it about wanting the bottom to service his cock, which sexy Sal did very well with his mouth and bare hole, is more proof that putting things "in writing" will get businessmen exactly what they want: hot, raw SEX!

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